Review: All About Steve

All About Steve was not a bad movie.  It wasn’t a particularly good movie, but it definitely is not deserving of its reputation.  If you’re bored and want to watch something a little bit different, this might be a good movie to fill the time.  You will see Sandra Bullock in a role that is quite different from what you’ve seen her do before, and who knows, you might actually enjoy the movie…

I am going to be completely honest and share that my perception of this movie was influenced by the feedback this movie received when it was released.  The star of the film, Sandra Bullock, received The Golden Razzie for “Worst Actress of the Year” for her performance as Mary.  In addition, this movie received very low critical ratings.  I was expecting a train wreck of a movie that failed before it even began.  While the movie does have more than its fair share of issues, the film was not nearly as bad as you would expect.  Sandra Bullock became Mary in a way that only a master performer can pull off.  Her extremely awkward performance gave the movie a charm that made it entertaining at the very least.

The first two thirds of the movie had a pace and a randomness that kept me very entertained and even forced me to laugh several times.  The script is genuinely funny and I can’t pinpoint any single actor who failed to deliver an adequate performance.  If the movie had kept the same pace until the end, I might have been able to consider this a good movie.  Unfortunately, watching the last third of the movie felt like slamming into a brick wall with my eyes closed.  The randomness of the film turned into absurdity that simply was not funny and served merely as a plot device that failed to move the plot forward. For example: Mary and her two companions are traveling in a car through the desert when, out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, a natural phenomenon ravages their vehicle and leaves them stranded.  This would have been acceptable if being stranded served any purpose at all.  Unfortunately, it seems the goal of the sequence was to force the characters into a situation that was supposed to be funny but fell quite flat.  There were very few laughs to be had throughout the rest of the film and I found myself checking the run time, trying to determine how much longer I had to wait for the movie to end.



One thought on “Review: All About Steve

  1. Okay … it’s kinda an old movie. I liked it cuz Sandra is my fave and Bradly is hot but why that one??? Did you and Jason have an argument about it and you needed to get your point validated??? Well here you go… VALID!!!! Meg

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