SYTYCD Season 8 – A Look Back

As I mentioned on this week’s podcast, I’m a little bit of a reality TV junkie. I’m not too proud to admit that I watch Jersey Shore and I still like The Real World. And yet, none of these shows have ever struck a chord with me quite like So You Think You Can Dance does consistently. I’m certainly not the target audience for SYTYCD; I’m not a 15-24 year old girl (shocker!), I’ve never danced nor have I ever had a particular desire to learn and I’ve never even watched a full episode of American Idol. Still, I find myself glued to my TV from the start of the Dance’s auditions all the way through to the finale.

Year after year, the producers of SYTYCD do a terrific job of making their contestants seem friendly and relatable. Oftentimes, as the end of the season approaches, I find myself wishing there could be some way – any way – for two or three dancers to win it all. When you combine personal touch with beautiful routines developed by visionary choreographers, the results are amazing. With the finale of the eighth season of SYTYCD having aired this past Thursday, I figured there was no time like the present to highlight some of my favorite routines from the season. So, without further adieu and in no particular order:

Jordan and Tadd – “Brotsjor” aka “The Vulture Dance”

Jordan and Tadd – “Memories”

Melanie and Neal – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

Sasha and Twitch – “Misty Blue”

Marko and Melanie – “Skin & Bones” aka “The Lightbulb Dance”


4 thoughts on “SYTYCD Season 8 – A Look Back

  1. Okay Matty, I totally agree with you… total junkie!!!! I am glad Melanie won, knew she was gonna win after one of her first dances with Marco, “I Got You” but I really like Tadd too!!!! Thought he might have been the most improved and biggest surprise! So yeah, you forgot the dance he and Melanie did in the final 6 show ” the black swan” dance that was soooo hot! Oh and the I Got you dance was one of the best if not the best! You should add those to your favorites if you can so others can enjoy them!!!! Meg

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