Discussion: Completely Overrated?

We all have our own opinions, and the Internet is nothing if not an open forum for us to bash, smash and ridicule others for having them. Nothing is more fun than fanning the flames of debate by lining up targets people have strong feelings about. This week’s debate:

Completely overrated or sorely misunderstood?


7 thoughts on “Discussion: Completely Overrated?

  1. It depends where you’re coming from. If you were in the show for the mystery, then yes, I can see how one could find it overrated and underwhelming. I, however, never really thought a lot of the mystery, but loved the characters; that is why the episodes centric on Locke and Desmond are my favorite. For me I was totally satisfied with how the show progressed and ended.

    • I completely agree with you, Alexander. I never expected Lost to answer all the questions it put forth. I think the major gripes from the “overrated” camp on this one are that Lost jumped the shark and gave up all hope of realism more than a few times. My counter to that is: the creators never said everything would be wrapped up in a neat and tidy bow. On top of all that, I was actually pleasantly surprised how well the handled the finale. They didn’t answer all the questions, but I for one certainly felt a sense of closure.

  2. For me, Lost was always about the characters. The mystery was merely an aspect of the show that kept me interested in the overall plot. The heart of the show, and the part that captured my interest and made me a fan were the flashback sequences that revealed a little bit more about each character as the show progressed. When I first started watching the show, I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode to find out what I would learn about the centric character. Unfortunately, in the latter portion of the series the character drama became less interesting as the focus shifted on the mythology and science fiction aspects of the plot. This is where the show lost its momentum, and unfortunately, it seemed the writing staff recognized this in time for the finale and gave us something that synced up with the earlier seasons of the show while ignoring or half-heartedly addressing the mythology of the latter half.

  3. I agree, the best part of the show was the back stories on the characters. Not a big fan of sci fi, it was the characters that kept me coming back very week.

  4. loved it early on. LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. Then thought the final season was just too bizarre to follow, and the last episode was just horrific. Made me feel like i had really wasted my time. St. Elsewhere didn’t feel as forced as the LOST ending.

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