Why does Hollywood keep green-lighting terrible shows like Whitney?

My original plan was to find a trailer as bad as this one and ask which you thought was worse. Unfortunately, after about 15 minutes of looking, I couldn’t find anything nearly as groan-inducing. I don’t know what offends me most: the terrible writing, the laugh track, or the awkward laughing. Who wants to start up a pool for when this show gets canceled? I’ve got a month.


8 thoughts on “Why does Hollywood keep green-lighting terrible shows like Whitney?

  1. I’m so sick of reality shows, vampire shows, anything with the words Law & Order or CSI in the title. I am not a fan of laff tracks, if it’s funny I’ll laff don’t worry, however while not a fan of the actress I did think the whole nurse scene was funny enuff to watch the first few episodes. If it’s on against Big Bang Theory though, sorry.

  2. I also love the “why don’t we have sex anymore” question. As a married parent you feel that way pretty much 24/7. 🙂 I normally enjoy NBC’s sitcoms but often they pull them after only a handful or even one episode and POOF gone. Replaced with Dancing in the Kitchen on the Weakest Link hosted by The cast of Hoarders.

  3. How can you possibly judge a entire show based on 4 min? I mean come on. Let me take a random 4 min of your day and judge you by it. That would be stupid. The say may or may not be good but the only way to really tell will be to watch.

    • While I’ll admit that I can be a little quick to judge TV shows, you HAVE to admit that they aren’t really putting forth a good image for this show. Maybe it’s just my specific tastes, but the jokes were stale and the laugh track screams nineties sitcom to me.

  4. Mike, your analogy only works if you were to give Matt the opportunity to choose which 4 minutes of his day he wants you to use to judge him. Knowing that, Matt would most likely choose the best 4 minutes he can. If this is the best 4 minutes this show has to offer, it does not impress.

  5. He could pick the best 4 mins and I could still think its crap. The point is, is that I know Matt and make my judgement of him from the whole picture. All Im saying is watch the show give it a chance then make your judgement.

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