Discussion: Is 24 Overrated?

Talk about a hot topic show.  For many people, you love it or you hate it.  For our very own Jason, it’s a matter of an unfounded personal hate for Kiefer Sutherland.  Whatever your views are, I want to read them.  Does special agent Jack Bauer and his 8 days of terror hold a special place in your heart, or is the race against time a completely overrated waste of broadcast time?  For me, 24 is a flawed epic.  The first five seasons were totally outstanding, with a huge misstep in the sixth season, followed by two great seasons and a mini movie.  I love almost everything about this series, and have watched every season at least twice.  This show, in my opinion, is worth all the hype.

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9 thoughts on “Discussion: Is 24 Overrated?

  1. Funny i own nearly every season, and try to watch them, but for the life of me I just can’t sit through an entire season without feeling like i should be doing something else with my life. I mean Jack saves the world in 24 hours, and I just spent at least 8 watching him trying to do just that. It makes me feel incredibly guilty about wasting my life.

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