Star Wars: George Lucas Rapes the Free World

It started in 1997.  Millions poured into theaters to watch the beloved Star Wars Trilogy on the big screen one last time.  Little did they know that Mr. Lucas was a busy little bee and had tinkered and altered several scenes in all three films.  A few of the changes were welcome improvements, but most of them were, according to the core of Star Wars fandom, travesties of the highest degree.  Petitions, pleas and various forms of bribery all landed on deaf ears and, since 1997, Star Wars would never be the same.

2004 marked the release of the Star Wars Trilogy release on DVD.  Fans begged for a release of the original theatrical cuts of the films on DVD, but Mr. Lucas wasn’t listening.  Indeed, he was still tinkering.  There are a few subtle differences between the DVD versions of the original films that go beyond the changes made in the special edition cuts.  Once again, some of the changes were for the better (such as adding Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine in The Empire Strikes Back).  Unfortunately, others were not so welcome.  Eventually Mr. Lucas did release the original theatrical cuts on DVD, but the formatting of those disks is so flawed they are hardly worth mentioning.

Jump ahead to 2011 – The Complete Star Wars Saga is just weeks away from its highly anticipated blu-ray release.  As the final days draw near, we fans whisper in voices reminiscient of a battered housewife “maybe this time will be different.”  Alas, if the rumors are to be believed, Mr. Lucas has been tinkering again.

Return of the Jedi

A New Hope

The Phantom Menace


UPDATE: These changes have all been confirmed by Lucasfilm.  There you have it, folks.

15 thoughts on “Star Wars: George Lucas Rapes the Free World

  1. Jason is going to lose his mind over this. Someone needs to buy the creative rights to these films from George Lucas before he ruins them even more.

  2. I don’t know about losing my mind..but I’m definately pissed. It just seems like a total waste of resources..time and money better spent on something like..oh, I don’t know..perhaps remastering the ORIGINAL fucking films so we can have what all the fans actually want..

  3. I am a fan and I do not want the original films. Lucas gave fans the ORIGINAL films, without any alterations, including any remastering. You can’t get much more original than that. But still, the fans are not happy.

  4. I still let my pre-order stand as I have bought each version multiple times, and don’t feel the need to stop now. The initial screen shots i saw are what prompted me to pre-order. Now had i known about these “updates” prior to that, well i don’t know. I’m not happy with the ROTJ change and always liked the scene the way it was, but then all i can do is shrug and go “why oh why did he feel the need to do that?”

  5. I;m still eagerly looking forward to spending an afternoon watching the Holy Trilogy with an ice cold diet pepsi, and a bag of kettle corn in High Def with the sound cranked up to 11. “HERE THEY COME!!!”

  6. Jameson, if you’re referring to the DVD release of the original films, the ones that you yourself referred to as “so flawed that they are hardly worth mentioning”, I’d like to point out that the fans had every right to be unhappy at the way the films were treated. Whether you agree or not, the vast majority of the fans would LOVE to have original, unaltered versions of the trilogy that have at least been given the respect of a remaster..and remastering them is NOT an alteration.

    • Remastering IS an alteration, it’s just an alteration that the fans DO want. Fans received exactly what they asked for- a completely untouched version of the original star wars trilogy on DVD. Lucas delivered on that demand, even if it turned out that was NOT, in fact, what the fans wanted.

  7. I am ok with all three of those changes. I love all 6 of the films and think that G.L. has the right to make his movies into the vision he wants.

  8. I completely agree with Mike. I don’t think any of the changes are going to reduce my enjoyment of the movies in anyway. At their core, they are still the same movies.

  9. I see that the altering of the Holy Trilogy is still a hotly contested issue. Love it or hate it George will do as he sees fit with the films.

    • It’s definitely something people like to complain about. I’m starting to wonder how many people are actually upset by the alterations and how many people just want to lynch George Lucas.

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