Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Now Available!!

Fighting game fans, rejoice… the “Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection” is now available on both Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network!!

First introduced in 1992, the “Mortal Kombat” franchise has seen tremendous success during its 19-year history, spawning multiple sequels, two live-action films, and even an animated series.  Unlike the “Street Fighter” games, which, though violent, have always been viewed as relatively suitable for younger gamers, “Mortal Kombat” has always been aimed squarely at the more mature members of the gaming community (with the only exception being the 2008 release “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe”).  Now, gamers can immerse themselves in all the bone-breaking, skull-crushing, spike-impaling glory of the “Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection”, featuring three original games: “Mortal Kombat”, “Mortal Kombat II” and “Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3”.  All of the titles support online multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements, and trophies!!

You can get all three of these AWESOME games for just $9.99 on PSN, or 800 Microsoft Points on XBLA… so let the online tourneys and crap-talking begin!!  ROUND ONE…FIGHT!!!

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