The Old Republic Release Date

Good news for fans of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series!  The release date for The Old Republic, the new MMORPG from Bioware has been announced!  The game will release in the United States on December 20, 2011, and in Europe on December 22, 2011. 

As this is an MMORPG, subscribers can expect to pay a monthly subscription for continued access to the game.  The game will release with a free 30-day trial period before the monthly subscription price of $14.99 kicks in.  There are also options available at a slight discount for 3 month subscriptions and 6 month subscriptions.  With the plethora of huge games being released in the last few months of the year, this is indeed a happy (if not expensive) time to be a gamer!


2 thoughts on “The Old Republic Release Date

  1. Yes i have to agree that it is an expensive time. Battlefield, Forza (YES!!!) and some other silly war game set in Modern Warfare times i believe, can’t wait!! I am a huge fan of Bioware, and think that there original Knights of the Old Republic games were just fantastic, if not ground breaking. Sad to see this latest installment for PC only, however I am sure that this will be an amazing game.

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