Exclusive: Abigail and the Christmas Quest

Hello my not-so-captive audience.  As you know, we review and preview and generally discuss essentially all things entertainment related.  As I was meditating on this, a thought occured to me: we spend all of our time talking about books meant for adults, but couldn’t we include children’s books into the mix as well?  The answer to that question is a resounding “yes.”  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one I wanted to discuss, so I thought to myself, “hey, I’m writing a children’s book, why don’t I preview that?”  The exact line of thought did not occur precisely like that, but who’s gonna tell?  Enough rambling.  Below is your exclusive first look at Abigail and the Christmas Quest (title subject to change).

The story begins with a young girl named Abigail who is having trouble falling asleep on christmas eve.  Abigail stays up most of the night watching for Santa Claus to appear in the sky, content to know that he probably won’t visit her if she is awake as long as she gets to see him fly.

Abigail is visited by an Elf who has a very serious and urgent problem that he needs help with, and she offers her assistance.  They run into some challenges on their quest, and meet a few very odd characters as well.

I can’t give much more a way than that, as it is a children’s book and therefore does not have the most substantial or lengthy plot.  All of the images are hand drawn and hand colored by yours truly using pencil, pen, and pastel (dear God, I hate pastel).  The story is also of my own imagining.  Look for this book to be released in December (it’ll make a great, relatively cheap present for a little one in your family)!

4 thoughts on “Exclusive: Abigail and the Christmas Quest

  1. Thank you! I just finished the first draft of the story last night and I’ll be working on revisions today. I’m excited to get this done!

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