New Fish in a Dirty Pond

Howdy.  This here is Alex;  I’m happy to be joining Completely Overrated as an editor on the site as well as member of the weekly podcast.  Me, along with fellow new fish Jay,  are also hosts of our own podcast, Sunday Brew.  We’ll be bleeding over quite a bit of the hate, trash talk, and all around bull we fling on our own show, and joining in on Completely Overrated’s podcast.  Sharin’ the hate.  

I’ll be bringing not only my flavor and obnoxious voice to the show here, but some posts, reviews, previews and personal insight that screams “awesome” all over.  With a specialty in the Video Games area and pathetic love of tiresome, old, OVERRATED movies of the past, stay tuned for awesomeny goodness on both the site, and podcast.  As an affiliate, Jay and I will continue to bring forth the Sunday Brew love with some links here, but Sunday Brew is it’s own entity, and is in no way to reflect the views of Completely Overrated or it’s staff.  Keep that in mind if you wander on over.  It’s a one night stand, with less of a filthy taste in your mouth and a whole lot more regret.  Jay and I are all over the place.  More ta love baby.  Awesome out.

One thought on “New Fish in a Dirty Pond

  1. My my. How dare the editor pretty up my absolute butchering of the english language in my post. Next week debuts Jason W. and I on the Completely Overrated podcast. Look for my first post soon.

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