Netflix Changes Its Mind

A few weeks ago, gargantuan movie rental chain announced that it would be splitting into two separate entities: Netflix would deliver streaming video and Qwikster would offer dvd, blu-ray and video game rentals by mail. This news was met with much resistance. Millions of voices cried out in terror and did not stop… Until this morning.

Netflix Ceo Reed Hastings announced that Qwikster will NOT be happening. It is unclear whether or not Netflix will still offer video game rentals by mail, but either way, this is definitely good news for subscribers.

One thought on “Netflix Changes Its Mind

  1. after this fiasco reed, and the other idiots all deserve to lose their jobs. I gave up on the physical aspect of netflix after this, and have no intention of going back just on principle. Redbox will do aside from streaming. Ole Reed needs to revisit that classic stance of some mistakes you can’t take back.

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