Battlefield 3’s Beta Showed up to the Interview in FlipFlops

Battlefield 3.  This game is EA/Dice’s next release in the first person shooter military style series.  BF3 is not just the next big title for online shooter fans, but the one that has the power and graphics to go up head-to-head against Activisions/Treyarchs monster: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  Recently, the BF3 Beta just finished up it’s public release on the consoles and PC and my personal take on it is….disappointed.

This is my view and take on the BF3 Beta on the consoles.  Not a review, preview, in-depth analysis.  More on the lines of how any big time FPS fan takes in their impression of one of the biggest releases for FPS fans.

If video game betas are interviews, the BF3 beta showed up in white T, shorts and flip flops with promises of it just being laundry day.  What hit me first is that this game is ugly.  Blocky choppy 10-year-old game ugly.  Graphics for a game, personally, do not make the game.  That is unfortunately not the point for a game that is supposed to demonstrate High-Def, better than anything already out there graphics.  In a FPS as detailed as BF3 is supposed to be, it is deadly important that you be able to tell the difference between background and an enemy.  Not so in this buggy beta.

More then just the graphics, the presentation, glitches, and overall junky nature of this beta is awful.  I am supposed to be trying out a beta, not test a game hunting for glitches.  The list of problems can be found all over the net and flame war forums, but for me, that doesn’t solve the problem.  What I wanted is to try out a new game before it’s release, and be fully absorbed in the hype and entertainment it should have brought along as the very well polished Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 betas showcased.

To wrap this up, all the issues almost made me pull my reserve of BF3.  Here’s why I am not: as vocally hateful as I am of the beta, it is in the end a beta.  EA also announced a fix to the graphics with the release of a graphics install that will make BF3 shine as it will on the PC.  I can also understand that many generic glitches will not be present in the final product, and the addition of so many new tactics and tools got me hyped up all over again.  Dice has found a way to make me feel like I am on a team, fully on supporting my team, my squad like Gears of War 3 does.  That is one hell of an achievement.  From tactical lights blinding enemies, visible red dot lasers in dusty subway corridors, and realistic sound of gunfire echoing in a tunnel, I am officially re-hyped to dedicate too much time, and the upcoming holidays to Battlefield 3.  Sorry Family,  Christmas just got cancelled.

So here’s the deal.  Ignore the offensive beta BF3 dropped on us gamers, decide if you want another updated Call of Duty or a whole new experience in a game world flooded with clones.  Just go buy Battlefield 3 when it drops October 25th.

8 thoughts on “Battlefield 3’s Beta Showed up to the Interview in FlipFlops

  1. Tell ya what. That release by Dice saying that they are releasing a graphics package install ala Rage for Battlefield 3 was the tipping point for me to keep my pre-order. I was about to switch that garbage towards Dead Nation or anything not a steaming pile. Can’t wait. People bout to get bucked by Bad 4 Business.

  2. After playing the beta went and cancelled my pre-order. I see a lot of my gripes in your post, and a few that i hadn’t seen. I don’t mess with most boards so i couldn’t even begin to tell you what i know about the tricks, and hacks what have you. Just didn’t like it. I’m all bout CoD. I am confident that Battlefield will have the superior SP but that CoD rules MP.

  3. Your not alone. I heard several folks I know drop their pre-order. With a garbage beta like this, why wouldn’t you go drop that money on something you know is good like Batman: Arkham City or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? I almost did. That post about the graphics fix pushed me over to keep my pre-order cause this game was boo-boo on a cracker. Besides, I got to try my new weapon: Crash a jet into a sniper.

  4. Treyarch is making MW3 for the wii. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games are making MW3 for everything else. Since Infinity Ward barely has the team who made MW2 since the others went EA as Respawn, it doesnt matter who the hells making the game, its gonna be different, worse, or just MW2 with new maps. Theres your facts. Its also unimportant and irrelevant to an article about Battlefield 3.

  5. you have said that the gears beta was awesome? then y is it that when u got the game that they nerfed the weapons already? and y is it u have already broke 2 controllers playing it????? u will be that mad at BF3 i know it cuz its not the same as BFBC2.

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