Discussion: I Got Next

  It’s the late 80’s early 90’s. I’m well into the middle of an epic battle of Street Fighter at the local liquor store. My opponent is frantically working to figure out my unorthodox Blanka, when suddenly someone slips by and plops a quarter on the edge of the screen. In the world of arcades this is calling “next”. Yes kiddos, back in the day you actually had to face your competition. So I’m one round away from destroying my opponent, but all I can think about is the kid behind me watching my style; wondering how good he is or who he uses.

This is a level of gaming and actual competition I miss in the gaming world. Like a sport, having to face your opponent in the real world changes everything, whether its someone you know or a complete stranger. For now getting screamed at  (insert tween) on X-box live will do. Anyone else have a fond memory from the golden era of gaming?

6 thoughts on “Discussion: I Got Next

  1. The best times I ever had in an arcade (honestly, the only times I REALLY got to play in an arcade) were on the random trips to Vegas with my parents and grandparents. They would be off gambling, and one of the unlucky adults would be stuck taking the kids to the arcade to throw away some quarters for a couple of hours. It was great fun, but I remember arcade versions of games being MUCH harder than the home versions.

    • I guess i’m lucky having a Scandia super close to where I grew up. Easy decision for the parents every year on my birthday. Liquor stores were the secret also. Nothing like growing up in a LIQ

  2. Yup. Trips to the LIQ, the mall, to scandia. The competition was the shit. Arcade hounds tradin secrets before the internet, seein how many quarters it took for chumps to beat me. and not just the fighting games, just all of them. Come on, how can you not want to play Final Fight with a friend? Too sick.

  3. I remember it being like old skool nerd turf wars. Thats how arcade tricks and secrets used to get passed around. Knowing stuff like the nba jam/battlezone trick had to be shown, cause we got it done pre-internet and thats when bein an arcade hound was good.

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