Playstation Vita Gets Shackled

Interesting news this morning regarding the Playstation Vita. Apparently the highly anticipated device will launch with a SEVERELY limited 3g service in North America. It has been confirmed that users will only be able to download files that are 20mb or smaller over the 3g service. Considering the average Vita game will be approximately 2-4gb, this restriction is quite alarming – users will not be able to download games over 3g, which from what I understood, was one of the great features of the device. While it wasnt been confirmed whether or not 3g service on the device will be free or attached to a service contract, I would severely question the value of actually paying for such a limited service. What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Playstation Vita Gets Shackled

  1. I dont like the restriction either, but how often do you buy a full game as a download on PSN/live? Id rather buy the brick & mortar copy of infamous rather than download it and have it take up 6gb on my HD. I heard Japan has Vita fever right now

  2. I don’t know how to feel about this. The psn/live/download aspect seems broken. Isn’t that what killed Sony’s last attempt with the handheld? And honestly, for full games, brick and mortar are where it’s at. Love being able to hold a game. I could stand downloading that crap I usually would on my phone on my Vita instead like angry birds. But something like Uncharted or SFvsTekken? Yeah, gonna buy that on disc. Besides, handhelds keep getting games that I want on a console and that needs to stop. So if the handhelds like the 3ds (which is a failure) and vita go south, good for me. Maybe they will work on a real HD version of Phantasy Star Online, Monster Hunter, or sequels to badass RPGS on my PS3 instead.

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