Nostalgic Memory – Metal Slug

Ah, now here is a classic that screams instant arcade gratification.  Guns, tanks, cartoon violence, blood, comedy and insane difficulty.  Metal Slug was brought to arcade hounds in the days of yore by the old school arcade masters themselves, SNK on the Neo Geo platform.  Oh SNK, how I’ve missed you.  Let me count the ways:  King of Fighters 94, King of Fighters 95, King of Fighters 96….You get my drift.  Metal Slug has recieved many a follow up with more than 7 official arcade titles… and they all played the same simple way: shoot, watch enemy/alien/giant mechermabober blow up, lather, rinse, repeat.  

Metal Slug is a prime example of arcade fun,  plain and simple.  It has multiplayer, simple controls, and is fun as hell.   The nostalgic view of Metal Slug is not just the social fun in old arcade haunts such as liquor stores and malls, but a classic template of what video games are supposed to be: enjoyable and memorable.

 If you have never played it, Metal Slug is available as DLC on any standard console, or, if your hardcore enough to fully relive your gaming roots and youth, buy an arcade (that’s what this editor did).   Besides, how can you go wrong shooting aliens on a camel with a machine gun on it’s butt?  Best part is, any Metal Slug will do.  Just jump in one of the SV-001’s and lose yourself.  On a side note, SNK loves the crossover.  Characters from Metal Slug are in SNK vs Capcom, and the Ikari Team is in later iterations of Metal Slug as characters.  How sweet is that?

Relive the past and nostalgia it up.  Awesome Out.

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