What’s on TV?

If you’re anything like me, you have a few shows that you love watching – you just get sucked into the storyline, the comedy, the drama, whatever it is.  It pulls you in and you can lose an entire day watching episode after episode.  For me, this ended a year ago with the conclusion of two of my absolute favorite shows: Lost and 24, and the previous year Battlestar Galactica.  Since then I have been browsing netflix and hulu plus looking for new shows that have that same impact on me.  I have not been successful in my journey thus far.  Because of this, I have decided to do something I generally, as a rule, do not do because I don’t like disappointment.  I have decided to begin watching some of the new shows that premiered this year (I generally wait at least one season before I begin watching a new show because I hate getting invested in a series only to have it be cancelled prematurely).  There are quite a few stinkers out there, but I have found some that shows definite promise.  Below is a breakdown of the select new shows that I look forward to watching every week.

New Girl

This is probably the most surprising on my list for those of you who know my personal television preferences.  I am not generally a sitcom person.  I can’t stand the vast majority of them.  I am one of those few people that hated Friends, just to give you an idea of where I am coming from.  New Girl caught me almost right off the bat, however.  Its a sitcom that has a heart and soul and the script and performances come together with a sort of hilarious charm that is simply satisfying in all of the right ways. 

Terra Nova

This show appeals to the science fiction nerd that lives inside of me.  I love most things sci-fi.  I love the concept of time travel.  I love big explosions.  I love dinosaurs.  This show delivers all of this with some great character development and in an episodic style that makes each episode feel fresh (so far).  One of the biggest complaints I had about Lost was how each episode seemed to depend on the previous, and they would carry whole plot points through multiple episodes that promised a payoff that often would not deliver to its full potential.  With the first four episodes of Terra Nova, I don’t see that happening.  Each episode is relatively self-contained – it tells its own story within the mythology of the show (think The X-Files).  If you’re into things like Jurassic Park, you are doing yourself a disservice by not checking this show out.

American Horror Story

This show flat out rocks.  I love a good horror film (especially a good ghost story) and American Horror Story delivers on its promises.  The performances are awesome and the characters are believable and to a certain extent, even relatable.  I’ve watched the first two episodes and spend most of that time on the edge of my seat, slightly uncomfortable in that exciting way that only a really good scary movie can cause.  This show, after only two episodes, is the show I spend all week looking forward to. If you like scary movies, this one is for you without a doubt.

What are you watching?  How do you feel about any of the above shows?  Sound off in the comments!


3 thoughts on “What’s on TV?

  1. I’m the same way. Why waste my time getting me all excited for a new show, and then find out it was cancelled minutes into its; third episode. Terra Nova looks/ed really promising but i havent had the time to watch it yet. Other then that unlike you, I normally just stick to sitcoms. Easy to watch and digest little tv morsels in nice 30 min chunks. Love Whitney, 2 Borke girls, and you can never go wrong with Big Bang Theory. Up All Night seems to be sticking up the room thanks to whats her name from Bridesmaids and 2 and a Half men… Don’t even get me started. Somewhere a shark swims while the Fonz oils up his jacket.

    • There’s something about most sitcoms that just drive me up the wall. However, I am a Seinfeld junky, so I’m not against all of them. You should definitely check out Terra Nova and American Horror Story though, they are definitely worth taking that leap of faith that they won’t me cancelled.

  2. I totally agree that New Girl and American Horror Story are both great new shows, but Terra Nova? If I wanted to watch Jurassic Park or Avatar, I’d watch them. Never was a BSG fan either. Just not as good as Star Trek. =)

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