Episode 6 – Pumpkin Tumors

Jameson, Alex and Jay discuss the film Trick or Treat. They have a brief, full spoilers discussion of Batman: Arkham City, retro video games, and a huge variety of other media topics including Dean Koontz books and television adaptations, science fiction movies and a host of other goodies.


4 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Pumpkin Tumors

  1. You guys are so funny, you say you’re gonna talk about Trick or Treat, so you talked for a minute about who likes it and who doesn’t, then you go on a 10 minute tangent about how you all love halloween. Also, Super Mario Bros was a great movie, go back and watch it again. I’d be interested to know what you guys think of the new panda race for the Wow expansion. I for one am disappointed. =)

  2. My bad, lol. Besides, all you need to know about trick or treat is its a good halloween horror movie and needs to be seen. And I for one love the mario bros movie, but thats because its so bad, its good. And I think it hits a nostalgic bone being the first video game movie from such a high profile title. Not sure thats a good thing, but I will admit, id watch it again.

    As far as WoW goes, im not a big fan. but I do love mmo’s. Honestly the kung fu panda expansion sounds like a good idea with new classes, nuetrality, etc that comes with a addon, but really, kung fu bears? Booooo. Thats soo low budget an tacky. And all ive heard from my hardcore WoW friends is this is garbage. Know what though? It does come with all the standard mmo stuff like lvl cap raised, new continent and thats worth it alone.

  3. Yeah, I just feel like after battling Ragneros in Cataclysm with this epic story line of the whole world being torn asunder, Kung Fu Panda is super lame sauce and extremely anti-climatic. But we’ll see I guess. Or at least I will, cause you guys don’t play. =) I do love trick or treat though, I’ve seen it many times and am always recommending it to my friends. Well at least you guys know you have one devoted listener, keep the podcasts coming!

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