Sunday Brew – Session 4

Whats the haps on the craps?

If your new, This is Sunday Brew.  A Podcast show heavy on the Video Games, lite on the censor button, and tangents galore.  This is our fourth session with many more to come.  Follow us and join in.  Hosts of the Show Jason W. and Alex K.  are also members of Podcast and Site as well.  If you like podcasts, irrelevant drunk BS and video games, join others and catch an earfull.

Anotha Session of Sunday Brew from Hosts Jason and Alex.  Featuring our guest and future Intro song creator Jeff Prolix Miller.  This Session it got political….kinda. Turns out we never talk politics, but when we do, we prove why we think alike, and why the old folks fear the change we bring.  Why men are untrustable.  And Gaming Nostalgia.  Is it good or bad?  Don’t care, just listen, like, follow, comment, and bump Sunday Brew like it’s the new shit…Cause it is.   Also featuring original creation rhymes by our guest as the ending.  Consume, Peruse, Enjoy.

Drink up, and Stay Faded.

Session 4 Here for Stream and Download.

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