Battleship: A Definitive Miss (Apparently)

Just a quick update to provide an “I told you so” to my illustrious podcast partners.  During our most recent (pending) podcast, Jason and Matt argued vigorously with me about the forthcoming film “Battleship.”  I felt, after watching the previews, playing the board game many, many times, and basic internet research, that the movie was going to be a complete clunker filled with absolutely terrible one-liners about sinking ones battleship and a plethora of scene-it-all-before special effects explosion=cool formula.  Although I have not seen the film, and probably will not do so if I have any say in the matter, I wanted to report that as reviews pop up, they are, for the most part, decidedly negative. has even gone as far as titling their review of the film “Battleship: It Stinks!”

Watch at your own risk, folks.

2 thoughts on “Battleship: A Definitive Miss (Apparently)

  1. I knew that this was going to be an epic fail once i heard that “singer” Rihanna was attached to it. Nothing kills the credibility of your project faster then attempting to latch on to pop culture with the current (at the time) flavor of the month. Her groan inducing line in the trailer is enough to cause severe eye rolling well into its dvd and blu-ray release.

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