First Look at Star Wars 1313

If you’ve been following our site, you know all of us are big time Star Wars fans.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the first video footage of Star Wars 1313.  Keep in mind, all of this footage is from IN GAME, IN ENGINE.  None of this is pre-rendered cinematic.  I hope you are as blown away by this as I am.

One thought on “First Look at Star Wars 1313

  1. Meh. Looks like Gears of War in Space. Which is fine. But not breathtaking. Star Wars the Old Republic was pretty sick, but didn’t change anything in it’s genre or make it special in anyway besides slapping Star Wars on it. I’ll pass. Way more interesting games on the way. This’ll be a sleeper hit at best. Then again, when Star Wars tries something different on a game console, we get the Han Solo Dance and Kinect Star Wars, lol.

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