Episode 10 – Big Things Have Small Beginnings

In Episode 10 of the Completely Overrated Podcast series we spend a great deal of time discussing Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus,’ the mis-marketed science fiction epic set approximately one hundred years before the film ‘Alien.’ Matt and Jason team up against Jameson to explain why their lofty expectations (partially influenced by the misleading trailers) turned Prometheus from a great film into an average film, while Jameson defends the artistic integrity of movie.


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6 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Big Things Have Small Beginnings

  1. That movie would have been a lot better if they’ed just made it a direct Alien prequel, but they had to get all cute with it. Still liked it, though.

  2. I agree with you. I wish they hadn’t tried to distance themselves from Alien, while at the same time definitely making it related to Alien. The biggest mistake they made was a releasing those trailers.

  3. After listening to the podcast I will have to agree with Matt. I will enjoy Prometheus the second time around. My friends that I told not to expect a prequel were not as harsh on the movie. They enjoyed the creatures and said they liked the film.

    • Thanks, Kathleen! That was my #1 problem with the film: the trailer and hype all made it seem like it would be a serious, tense film, and it just didn’t succeed on that front for the most part.

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