Bloomberg TV: Disney’s Dilemma

Looking forward to our discussion about John Carter on our next podcast? Take a look at this great three-minute video on Bloomberg TV about the economics and business strategy of Disney Studios. What I found particularly fascinating is how Disney is now releasing fewer movies and therefore making each film a riskier venture. Analysts seem to think John Carter was not well aligned with the Disney brand and was not well-suited for licensing in other businesses (e.g., theme parks, video games, lunch boxes). What do you think?

Click Here for the Video

Note: This video is not available for mobile viewing at this time, so make sure to check it out on your desktop/laptop/tablet.

2 thoughts on “Bloomberg TV: Disney’s Dilemma

    • Good point and I completely agree with you. It seems like they could have had some decent characters worth licensing out (i.e., Woola, John, the Tharks) had they marketed it well and not spent so much money on the film.

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