Episode 13 – Thirty-eight of New York’s Finest

Jameson, Matt, Jason and Seth revel in the glory of the recently released reboot of the Spider-man franchise, “The Amazing Spider-man!”  Well… Jameson, Matt and Jason revel.  Seth just kind of revels.  But Seth pretty much does everything in a “just kind of” sort of way, so no surprises here.  Our discussion of “The Amazing Spider-man” does contain some spoilers of the comic book story arch these characters are based on which leads to some speculation about the second film, but we do our best to avoid any spoilers of any sort for this particular film.  We also discuss why we will be talking about Crimson Tide in a future podcast, and not this particular episode as we had originally planned.  We also relive some of our glory days working for the now collapsed Hollywood Entertainment Corporation.  Oh and for good measure, some “Game of Thrones” and “Breaking Bad” discussion, as well as a little bit more on the crappiness of “Ultraviolet.”


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One thought on “Episode 13 – Thirty-eight of New York’s Finest

  1. I had no hope of the spider-man reboot being successful. Still not completely sold, but the reviews are good. Maybe I’ll give it a try. BTW Crimson Tide is the Second Best sub movie EVER!!!!!! Of course Red October being the first.

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