Video Review: The Secret World – Part 1: First Impressions

The Secret World is an Massively Multiplayer Online game from Funcom and Electronic Arts that attempts to take everything you know about MMO games and toss it out the window.  Gone are the elves, orcs, goblins and what-have-yous.  “The Secret World” puts you in the shoes of an average person living in the modern world with a massive dose of the paranormal, weird, and straight-up creepy.  Also gone is the requirement that players increase in level by gaining experience.  In fact, there are no levels in this stage.  The experience you gain from playing the game goes directly into granting you new abilities to ward off evil.

Due to the extremely lengthy nature of MMO’s, I have chosen to review this title in the form of 10-15 minute video commentaries that walk you through various parts of the game and provide explanations of what you are seeing, in addition to simply showing off the look and feel of the game itself.  Please note I do not have a set schedule for when I will publish these, but I promise I will do my best to publish at least one per week, if not more, until I deem I have reviewed enough of the content to grant a star rating in traditional review fashion.  Also, feel free to leave suggestions of elements you would like me to touch on in future episodes, and I will do my best to include them.


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