Nintendo Wii U Game Case Design Revealed!

Nintendo has been fairly tight-lipped concerning details about their newest home console, the Wii Uwhich is set to release later this fall.  However, Target and recently revealed box art for select titles on preorder.  Reminiscent of the design for Nintendo’s Gamecube titles, the new look  features a blue curve, trimmed at the bottom in yellow, on top of the game artwork.  The white Wii U logo is set in the center of the blue curve design.

Additionally, an indirect angle of the above image of  Assassin’s Creed III hints at the plastic cases being blue, instead of the white cases used for regular Wii titles.

Nintendo is hosting a press event on September 13th in New York City, presumably to announce the release date and price for the Wii U, among other things.  Until then, Nintendo enthusiasts have precious little information to keep the anticipation high.  Therefore, here’s one more sample of cover art…just for the fun of it…enjoy!



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