Episode 2 – Absolutely

Eric, Mike and Jeanette discuss the flaws of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, the increasing popularity of Instagram and what it may mean for the future of Facebook, The Hobbit film and the next James Bond Film, Skyfall, and the newly released sequel to Angry Birds: Bad Piggies.

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One thought on “Episode 2 – Absolutely

  1. Not a fan of the new Bond movies. I cannot get into an ugly bond guy. His acting is great and the films are exciting but Bond always get the girl. Beautiful women attracted to a toad? Really? As for the Instagram I like it more than Facebook. Less bologna and repost this, or click this, or just crap. I don’t want to overload my Facebook with my stupid flower pictures so one a day. Instagram I get to look at only the things I want to. I can post 10 only those that want to comment or look show up. I do enjoy your funny pics Eric. Last was angry birds. I just got my husband to try it a week ago, lol Angry birds from space was not as fun and I don’t play it. Looking forward to the Hobbit, hope to see you at the theatre. Kathleen

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