About Us

Welcome to Completely Overrated! We are a growing community of individuals who love all aspects of the entertainment industry.  Whether you enjoy watching movies, reading books, watching television or playing video games, Completely Overrated is a place for you to share your thoughts, feelings and honest opinions with others that share your interests.  We ask that you please observe courteous etiquette in your conversations and comments.  While we are pretty lax in the rules department, we will not tolerate the discussion of anything illegal in nature, pornography, or hate speech in any form.

Finally, we leave you with a quote that captures the spirit of our website:

The internet has given everyone in America a voice, and evidently, everyone in America has chosen to use that voice to bitch about movies.

– Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”

We hope you enjoy the site!  Remember, we can only grow with your help!

The Completely Overrated Staff


A bit of info about the guys responsible for all of this:

Jason, Jameson and Matt all met while working together at a Hollywood Video (R.I.P.) in Northern California and discovered, among other things, that they enjoyed debating about movies, games and television shows. They’ve co-existed relatively peacefully ever since.

Jason has had the opportunity to work closely with nearly every kind of packaged media available… and he mostly regrets it. The Academy Awards are like the Superbowl as far as he’s concerned.  He’s an avid movie-goer with a soft spot for the works of director Steven Spielberg and crappy horror flicks.  He’s also lost most of his hair, a condition that dramatically increased in severity shortly after meeting Jameson and Matt.  This is not a coincidence.

Jameson is currently working as a substitute teacher, but hopes to one day be a real boy. He’s often the voice of reason in heated fan-boy discussions.  When he’s not educating your children, you can occasionally hear him being talked over on the Completely Overrated Podcast.  He also has a serious “man crush” on actor Kiefer Sutherland.

Matt currently resides in Boston, but once upon a time he worked for both Hollywood Video AND  Brenden Theatres in Northern California, where he became a certified projectionist. He paid me $10 to put that last part in there, hoping it would impress the ladies. Somehow I doubt it will.  He also thinks he knows everything.