Google Fiber

Not a new search engine that keeps you regular!

Google has come a long way since their ambitious project to develop an integrated and universal digital library. It all began with the launch of the Google search engine in 1997; then Google revolutionized the way people manage their email with Gmail in 2004; followed by the highly successful launch of the open source Android project and their Google Chrome web browser a few years later. Now they are posed to revolutionize the way people access the internet itself with Google Fiber. Continue reading


Review: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Only six months after the release of the full version of Mojang’s Minecraft on the PC, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, developed by 4J Studios in conjunction with Mojang and Microsoft Studios, was released for Xbox Live Arcade.

Minecraft is a 1st-person sandbox-building-survival game. You are placed in a world with nothing but a map and your bare hands. Luckily, just like in real life, your hands are powerful enough to break down wood from trees to begin crafting materials and tools. Initially, your goal is to gather materials and build shelter before nightfall when all sorts of baddies come out. However, Minecraft really shines with its unique ability to allow players to create practically anything they can imagine. Continue reading