The Dark Knight’s Top 5 Foes

Every super hero has their dastardly devious and definitively evil ensemble of enemies.  The Dark Knight is no exception, and indeed, I can’t think of another super hero who has a list of arch enemies quite as extensive and well-known as The Batman.  After much heated debate about whether or not Bane was the right choice to conclude The Dark Knight Trilogy, we thought it would be fun to share our top 5 of Batman’s Most Wanted list.  Because each of these characters brings their own unique blend of intriguing back story and motivation, it would be an injustice to rank them among themselves. Here they are, presented in no particular order. Continue reading


Xbox 360 Joins the Amazon Instant Video Family

A special announcement from has revealed that starting today, you will be able to watch Amazon Prime Instant Streaming on your Xbox 360.  This is great news for prime subscribers who don’t own one of the other devices that allows the streaming of instant video from Amazon.  Here is the full announcement: Continue reading

Epic Chicken Fight

Just finished watching the season finale of Family Guy (I know, I’m a WHOLE DAY late!). Needless to say, I really enjoyed it for the most part. There was the occasionally miss, like the ENTIRE Robin Williams sequence, but overall it was quite funny. My particular favorite gag was the “Froggy Butt Rag.” In case you missed it, or you just wanted to see it again, the folks at Fox have been kind enough to share a segment of the final episode of season 10, which you can see here.

What’s on TV?

If you’re anything like me, you have a few shows that you love watching – you just get sucked into the storyline, the comedy, the drama, whatever it is.  It pulls you in and you can lose an entire day watching episode after episode.  For me, this ended a year ago with the conclusion of two of my absolute favorite shows: Lost and 24, and the previous year Battlestar Galactica.  Since then I have been browsing netflix and hulu plus looking for new shows that have that same impact on me.  I have not been successful in my journey thus far.  Because of this, I have decided to do something I generally, as a rule, do not do because I don’t like disappointment.  I have decided to begin watching some of the new shows that premiered this year (I generally wait at least one season before I begin watching a new show because I hate getting invested in a series only to have it be cancelled prematurely).  There are quite a few stinkers out there, but I have found some that shows definite promise.  Below is a breakdown of the select new shows that I look forward to watching every week.

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Top 10: Television’s Best Villians

One of the greatest aspects of media is seeing the very best, and for that matter discussing who the best actually is. With that in mind, I present to you my personal top 10 televisions villains of all time.  Keep in mind, some of these villains may not be revealed as villains immediately in a show, and therefore I must put out a spoiler warning.

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The Simpsons Cancellation

I read this over at IGN just a few minutes ago.  It appears that the never-ending animated series, The Simpsons, may be facing a dire situation that is putting its future in danger.  According to Fox, The Simpsons is a very expensive show to produce and at this point, it is not worth it at the current price.  Fox has decided that if the show
 s to continue, each of the actors needs to take a 45% cut in pay (keep in mind that each of the actors makes over $8 million a year). This, apparently, is simply an impossibility for the actors, who are insisting on no more than a 30% pay reduction.

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Day 10: The Padawan Menace

At last, a spin-off Star Wars video experience that is worthy of its name.  I’m sure all of you are familiar with the Lego Star Wars series of video games and exactly how much fun they are.  Lucas decided to make a wise decision and turned the outstanding games into a 20 minute animated feature that premiered on Cartoon Network.  Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace was voiced by the excellent cast from the Clone Wars animated series, and features its own unique, not-exactly-cannon Star Wars storyline.  I’m going to come right out and say that I loved The Padawan Menace.  It had the right amount of charm that you should expect from Star Wars, but unfortunately, at this point in the game, most people don’t.

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