Episode 27 – Farewell

The final episode of this podcast series celebrates Halloween with a lengthy discussion about the history of the horror genre.  We also take a few minutes and discuss Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and the newly announced Star Wars: Episode 7.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free-to-Play

EA and Bioware have officially announced that their MMORPG set in the Star Wars galaxy will be shaking up the way people enjoy their game.  Rather than completely abandon the subscription based model, EA has opted to allow players the option to continue paying the subscription fee, or adopting the free-to-play way. Players who maintain the $14.99 per month subscription are given unlimited access to the game, while those who choose to skip out on the subscription and experience the game the free-to-play way will be able to play through the story missions for all of the classes, but for additional content, such as Warzones, they will only have limited access unless they choose to spend a new in-game currency or set up the subscription model.  Honestly, this really is the best way to handle this game.  EA and Bioware have carved out a strong single player experience within the game, and being required to pay $14.99 a month to experience the single player content was very disappointing.  Now, if you’re like me and you don’t particularly enjoy the MMO aspects of this game, you don’t have to worry about the subscription fee any longer.  Here is the full announcement from swtor.com: Continue reading

Episode 9 (Part 2) – E3 2012 Special Edition

Part 2 of our E3 coverage.  We spend a good chunk of time discussing Nintendo’s press conference and the debut of the finalized Wii U Screen Controller and the line up of titles they demonstrated for the system, including the interesting Nintendoland and Zombi U.  We also discuss the new trial offer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dead Space 3, and the first gameplay footage of Star Wars 1313.

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First Look at Star Wars 1313

If you’ve been following our site, you know all of us are big time Star Wars fans.  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the first video footage of Star Wars 1313.  Keep in mind, all of this footage is from IN GAME, IN ENGINE.  None of this is pre-rendered cinematic.  I hope you are as blown away by this as I am. Continue reading

Star Wars 1313 Announced

Who is the mysterious Bounty Hunter?

UPDATE: LucasArts confirmed tonight that this game is indeed a whole new Star Wars gaming franchise taking advantage of the Unreal Engine.  All that is known at this point is that the game will be a mature game where the player controls a Bounty Hunter working to unravel a criminal conspiracy in the under levels of the galactic capital planet of Coruscant.  What’s even more interesting is that the game is being developed by multiple different components of the Lucas Empire, including LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm Animation.  While little is known at this point, it sounds like this game has promise, and I for one will be following it with interest.  Stay tuned next week for more details at E3! Continue reading

Review: Legacy of the Force

Legacy of the Force is a nine book series set decades after the original Star Wars films.  The aim of the series is to recapture some of the magic, drama and characterization that made the original film series so memorable.  Ultimately, Legacy of the Force delivers a tale that is poorly paced but also compelling and entertaining, with a whole lot of Boba Fett thrown in for good measure.

Much like the previously published New Jedi Order, the Legacy of the Force series is a collaborative effort between multiple different authors.  Whereas The New Jedi Order had several different authors with a wide variety of literary backgrounds, Legacy of the Force is written only by three.   Continue reading

Say It Ain’t So: A Weekly Web Series

Hi all, I wanted to reveal the first entry into a weekly project that I will be starting on this site for all of you to enjoy.  Linked below is the first in a series of short comic strips that poke fun at movies, books, games and television.  I’m not the best artist and I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to do this, so the first few will most likely be pretty rough.  Still, I hope you enjoy it for what it is!

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